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FAQs for those seeking live-in care in their own home

Below are the questions most often asked by Impact Care clients. We hope the answers address most of your queries and allay any fears you may have about live-in care. If you’d like to talk to someone in person, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02034882619

What is live-in care?

Live-in care provides people who are frail, elderly and vulnerable with the option of remaining safely in their own home but with care and support on hand to enable them to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible. Care can be in the form of practical, physical or emotional support depending on each client’s requirements.

Isn’t live-in care very expensive?

Live-in care costs compare favourably with other options. The cost of care is in the region of £700 – £1,204 per week. An individual quotation can be provided if two live-in carers are required and all care packages are tailored to meet each client’s needs.

How long does the process of installing a carer take?

Once an initial assessment by Impact Care has been done , we can work quickly to find a suitable carer. We always endeavour to start as soon as a client requires us to do so. We do, however, make every effort to ensure the client and carer are well matched and that client preferences are taken into account. This can on occasion mean a short wait.

When it comes to choosing a carer, can I be involved in the selection?

Yes. All our clients are offered the opportunity to tell us what they are looking for from their carer. We take their likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests into consideration and try to match the client to the carer as closely as possible, based on individual preferences. Clients are informed of their chosen carer details before their arrival so they know who to expect and a little bit about them

What happens if I don’t get on with my carer?

All clients are encouraged to provide us with feedback about their carers and if for any reason a carer/client relationship is not working, clients can call us at any time and we will endeavour to find a suitable replacement as soon as possible in accordance with the client’s requirements.

We recognise that a care package depends on the rapport between client and carer. Inevitably there are occasions when things do not work out in which case we will change the carer. Experience has taught us, however, that a touch of understanding from both parties nearly always results in a satisfactory solution.

Will I have a different carer every week?

Not necessarily. Client preferences are taken into account and we aim to place carers for the duration you have requested. Successful care packages generally work with a rota of a few carers whom the client is happy to see on a regular basis.

What happens if I change my mind when the carer has been with me for a few days?

If you are unhappy with your care arrangement at any stage, all you need do is call Impact Care and we will do our utmost to come to a suitable arrangement as soon as possible.

What must I provide for a carer in the way of accommodation and facilities?

We ask that your carer has their own private bedroom with an easy chair/ hanging space and drawers for clothes. A television set for their personal viewing is popular, as is access to the internet. Separate bathroom facilities are not a necessity.

Can carers cope with dementia?

Yes. A large part of Impact Care’s induction training programme for carers includes dementia care and how to help clients to manage with this condition.

Will carers help with housework?

Yes. Carers are required to undertake aspects of light housework to include cooking and laundry where required.

Will my carer walk the dog and feed the cat?

Yes. We recognise that household pets often play a vital role in our clients’ lives. It is therefore important that looking after them is included in a client’s care plan.

Will carers help with personal care, such as baths?

Yes. Where required, carers can help with baths/showers. They can also help with continence issues, and catheter and/or stoma care if required.

Are Impact Care staff insured to drive my car?

No. Any clients wishing carers to drive their cars must ensure that their car is adequately insured for the carer to drive.  Be particularly careful if your carer is under 25 years old. Impact Care is not liable should there be an accident. We require copies of full MOT and car insurance documents to be kept on file.

Do carers have nursing qualifications?

Impact Care is registered as a care agency, so nursing qualifications are not a requirement for our carers. Many do hold some form of professional nursing qualification but practise only as carers within an individual’s home.

How much time off do carers get?

Although our carers are in the client’s home for 24 hours, we ask that you give consideration to the length of the working day which, on average, should be no more than 10 hours. If the working day is longer, this can be accommodated and reflected in the care costs.

We generally ask that carers are provided with the equivalent of two hours off each day, usually between 2pm and 4pm or to suit the individual’s routine. Some clients are happy to enjoy some time alone daily whilst others prefer to make arrangements to have cover in place whilst their carer is on break. This is very much personal choice depending on the level of care required.

Are carers trained to cook?

Impact Care does not train its carers to cook. But we expect them all to have a good understanding of how to eat healthily and all are able to produce wholesome, well-balanced meals for their clients. Clients with specific dietary requirements would be asked about them at the time of the assessment to ensure suitable carers can be found to accommodate their needs.

How do live-in carers get paid?

Our live-in carers are engaged by Impact Care Limited on zero-hours contracts. Impact Care Limited is responsible for all payments to the carer including Employers’ National Insurance and all other benefits to which our care workers are entitled including holiday pay.

Can I offer my live-in carer a tip?

However grateful our clients may be for a job well done, we ask you not to offer any gratuities to your live-in carer. The carer is not supposed to receive gifts and such generosity could be misconstrued at a later date.

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