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Live in care refers to high-quality care from the comfort of home.

As the name suggests, it’s all about one-to-one, personal carers living and working in their client’s home, around the clock. Offering the best of both worlds, people can receive the support they need from the comfort of their own home.

Live in care is a perfect solution for people who have more complex needs, or to provide extra support for recuperation after a hospital stay. A live in carer can provide companionship and care around the house to help you remain in the comfort of your own home, without the need to move into a residential care home.

A live in carer is a practical and often preferable alternative to residential care, helping you to maintain your independence in your own home.

With personally tailored plans provided by the best professionals, live-in care is not just about everyday help with washing, dressing, preparing meals and help with medication.

Most of all, they’re on hand to help clients enjoy some of their favourite things in life. With no rigid rules or timetables, every day can be planned differently, offering a genuine sense of dignity, independence and peace of mind.

It’s no surprise the evidence overwhelmingly suggests this kind of care provides a far better experience for most people. It avoids the upset caused by moving somewhere unfamiliar and leaving loved ones behind. Especially so for people with dementia. Imagine instead, eating your favourite meals, snuggling up with a pet, being taken for a day out at a moment’s notice or simply having friends and family drop round any time. In spite of age or even infirmity, life can be as good and relaxing as possible.

Compared to residential homes, live-in care may also be more affordable than you think, especially when couples are looked after together. Rather than being charged twice, it’s merely a slight increase in cost.

You’ll find plenty of long-term options for on going care and short-term cover for respite or convalescence periods. No wonder so many people are choosing and recommending live-in care.

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